Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Audio CD

Published April 1st 2010 by Random House Audiobooks (first published 2010)

I descided on a rainy day I would sit down and listen to James Paterson's 9th Judgement and I was down for the day.  I enjoyed this so much that I had to listen to the entire book from beginning to end.  Carolyn McCormick reads the novel and she reads it with so much feeling.  This is the first time I have actually sat down and listened to a book on cd and I had always wanted to read a James Patterson novel for quite sometime now and I am so glad I fineally did.  I normally wouldn't have chosen a mystery novel but I have heard so much about James Patterson I had to know how he writes.

The main characters are Lindsey Boxer who is a detective and her partner is Rich.  The story takes place in San Francisco and is about several murders.  Lindsey and her partner are after the man who is called the lipstick killer.  They are also after a cat burglar they call Hello Kitty.  There is plenty of excitement and it kept me wanting to here more and more until I had listened to the whole thing.  This James Patterson cd is great and I enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone who loves a good mystery.

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